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Lignell & Piispanen produces unique liqueurs from arctic berries. Their success is based on knowledge about the products of nature and traditional extraction passed down from generation to generation. Lignell & Piispanen is a trading name of the family business Oy Gust. Ranin, established 1852.

In 1852 Gustav Ranin started the family business by purchasing the Crown Distillery, founded in 1783 in the city of Kuopio by King Gustav III of Sweden. Gustav Ranin’s legacy lives on in Lignell & Piispanen’s business. Ever since the day he took on the king’s distillery, from generation to generation, from father to son, Lignell & Piispanen has learned through experience and increased our knowledge with the goal of creating the world’s finest liqueurs, vodkas and wines from Mother Nature’s arctic splendour. 

Much advancement has been made over the course of centuries, and each generation has left its mark and added to our knowledge. But there is one thing that has never changed: family’s promise to make Arctic luxury.


For Lignell & Piispanen, this means a respect for the arctic wilderness, an artisan approach to its pure berries and a continuous effort to achieve better and better results; flavours that highlight the four distinct seasons of the northern hemisphere. 



LIQUEUR · 21% ABV · 0.5 l

The secret of this unique liqueur is the Arctic cloudberry, which grows wild near the Arctic Circle. During the short northern summer, the midnight sun gives the cloudberry a uniquely clear flavour.

A rich, amber-coloured liqueur with a strong aroma is created, in which you can sense the aromas of arctic wetland flowers, honey and apricots. Best on its own, but also good in various cocktails.

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LIQUEUR · 21% ABV · 0.5 l

This traditional liqueur was awarded two gold medals at the Paris world fair in 1900. The liqueur's most important raw material, the Arctic bramble, grows only in Northern Finland.

Following tradition, the essence of the berries is extracted to create a flavour which can be compared to fruity chocolate. Arctic Bramble liqueur is good as an apéritif and perfect in cocktails. Also try it with soft-ripened cheeses and as a sauce over desserts.

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LIQUEUR · 21% ABV · 0.5 l

We extract delicious, aromatic flavors of wild arctic lingonberries to produce a premium liqueur with a premium taste.Gustav Lingonberry Liqueur has a sweet, tart flavor with a distinct character of cranberries and hints of cherry. Delicious with cheeses and desserts, but also as an aperitif.

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LIQUEUR · 21% ABV · 0.5 l

The brief but intense summer gives the northern Arctic blueberry and raspberry a deep aroma all of its own. We extract the aromas of the wild berries for your enjoyment just as Mother Nature intended. The result is a lingering berry flavour even containing hints of salty liquorice. Delicious straight from the bottle with marmalades or with soft-scoop ice cream. Try it warm as a hot toddy with honey and lemon.

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LIQUEUR · 21% ABV · 0.5 l

Wild raspberries grow in the immeasurable green forests of Finland. We pick the berries and extract the aromas using methods dating back hundreds of years. In this way we create a softly romantic and floral-scented liqueur with hints of rose - and raspberry, of course. Goes well with espresso and dark chocolate; also excellent on its own and in cocktails.

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LIQUEUR · 21% ABV · 0.5 l

Due to their qualities, wild Arctic cranberries make for an excellent raw material for liqueur. We extract the berry's natural sweet and slightly tart flavours using the same methods as our predecessors in the 19th century. This liqueur has a strong personality containing aromas of apple blossom and red berries. Delicious on its own, chilled and to accompany liquorice and white chocolate, for example.

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VODKA · 40% ABV · 0.7 l

Meet the greatest grandfather, Gustav Ranin. He founded a family-owned company in 1852. We manufacture this soft and aromatic vodka with a delicate hint of grain using the same professional skills. Great as schnapps, ice-cold drinks or cocktails.

IWSC 2018: Silver, Vodka & Ginger Ale

IWSC 2018: Silver

IWSC 2018: Silver, Vodka & Tonic

The Spirits Business, The Vodka Masters 2017: Gold, Super Premium Category

IWSC 2017: Gold, Outstanding

IWSC 2017: Silver, Vodka & Tonic

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VODKA· 40% ABV · 0.7 l

The skills in the distillation of quality vodka can be traced back to the 19th century. The taste is enriched by a nuance of genuine Arctic blueberry, which is extracted to flavour our vodka in a way that would make Mother Nature proud. Fabulous as schnapps or straight on.

IWSC 2018: Silver Outstanding

IWSC 2018: Silver, Vodka & Tonic

IWSC 2017: Silver, Vodka & Tonic Outstanding

IWSC 2017: Bronze

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Gustav Dill Vodka represents over 160-year-old history of the craftsmanship traditions at Lignell & Piispanen. The real taste of fresh natural dill has been successfully distilled in this modern, soft balanced Finnish schnapps. Recommended to enjoy with seafood or steak tartare. Great mix with tonic water, rose pepper and fresh basil.

IWSC 2018: Silver Outstanding

IWSC 2018: Gold, Vodka & Tonic Outstanding

IWSC 2018: Vodka & Tonic Trophy

The Spirits Business, The Vodka Masters 2017: Masters

IWSC 2017: Gold

IWSC 2017: Gold, Vodka & Tonic Outstanding

IWSC 2017: Gold, Vodka & Tonic Trophy

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The cloudberry, which grows wild and free, gains its aroma from the clean swamps of Finland where the sun caresses the berries with its long rays almost all day long.

Scented with honey and wild Finnish cloudberry jam, upholding artisan traditions over 160 years old. Lakka fortified dessert wine is suitable for schnapps and cocktails.

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The fortified berry wine is a concentrated form of Finnish skills with Arctic bramble berries, which only grows in the far north, can be tasted in this soft wine, packed with berries. Mesi is excellent lightly chilled with cheeses and desserts. It is also good for giving various cocktails a boost.

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LIQUEUR · 15% ABV · 0.7 l

This rich velvety strawberry liqueur is a unique sensorial experience. Containing 60% of fresh strawberry, ideal as a great ingredient in different frozen drink cocktails. It’s also perfect as a sauce on top of desserts. One of the most popular drinks so far has been POPLE with Red Soda (Russchian) and ice.

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LIQUEUR · 15% ABV · 0.7 l

Only out of the enchanting nature of fresh blueberries, such a mysteriously bold liqueur can be born. Made from 60% of fresh blueberry puree, sweet and delightful. Wonderful party drink both on its own and excellent for different kind of cocktails.

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COGNAC · 40% ABV · 0.7 l

Blends of the best Cognacs Crus 100% Ugni Blanc grape, distilled with traditional method and then aged in matured on Limousin Oak barrels. Aged in a humid cellar, more density, more feminine, most difficult cognac to produce. In the nose, this admirable cognac reveals a complex and well-balanced bouquet, spicy, flowery tones, honey, vine canes, chocolate and some vanilla tones. Ranin Cognac X.O. is smooth and well rounded. We recommend Ranin Cognac X.O. for the connoisseurs. Can be paired with chocolate cognac tart with caramel sauce.

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COGNAC · 40% ABV · 0.5 l / 1.5 l

Generous and cordial bouquet, floral with violet tones in the nose. Long, Delicate and smooth taste in the palate with some sweet fruity tones such as plums, apricots and delicately honey also sharp spicy oak. Aged in humid cellar with 55% Grande Champagne and 45% Petite Champagne blend, having a light brown color, medium-bodied. Perfect pairing with juicy pork and mushroom sauce.

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