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SLS Service Portfolio


SLS provides professional consultancy for several different areas

(in English, Finnish and Chinese).

Trade between Finland and Taiwan:
Initial contacts, market study, quality control, shipping arrangements, problem solving, risk analysis and many more…
Building Green:
Eco materials, water and air purification up to ultrapure level, wastewater systems, agritech systems, lighting systems, management and more.


Telecom consultancy:
Project management, Ttechnical management,
different specialist services (Radio network planning, Installation planning etc.)


Consultancy for Power electric sector:
Project management, quality control,
planning control etc.


Commissioning engineering, automation
engineering, agritech system consulting and more.

Trade Consulting
  • Consulting service for Finnish companies having manufacturing and/or import export business with Taiwanese companies.

  • Quality assurance and control

  • Material / Product search

  • Capacity-, Security issues, risk management

  • Shipping arrangements, coordination

  • Local government, customs and tax related issues

  • Problem solving

  • Other possible services as requested case by case


  • Consulting service for Taiwanese companies having import export business with Finnish companies

  • Local (Finnish) environment issues

  • Contact information and start-up service

  • Shipping arrangements, coordination

  • Local customs and tax related issues

  • Other possible services as requested case by case.

Telecom Consulting  
  • Consulting for operators, equipment vendors, service providers and contractors

  • Service business management

  • Implementation management

  • Quality control

  • Project management

  • Start up support

  • Network planning and content planning

  • Risk management

  • Problem solving

Power Electric Consulting
  • Consulting for power electric vendors, telecom sector, construction companies etc.

  • Quality control and assurance

  • Project management

  • Design and planning consulting

  • Risk and security management

  • Problem solving

  • Commissioning engineering

  • Automation

  • Automation planning

  • Project supervision service

  • PLC and electrical commissioning

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Quality control and assurance

  • Problem solving

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